Quality System:


• Biopurify Phytochemicals has strict quality management system and clear quality responsibility. The Quality Department insists on the strict management & control in the Supplier Evaluation & Approval; raw materials purchasing, receiving, sampling, testing and using; each aspects of product processing; finished product testing and releasing;  customer complaints and visit; Distribution and Self- inspection. GMP is availabe for bulk products on request.
• The equipments of QC include Agilent HPLC, Waters HPLC(with DAD & ELSD detectors), polarimeter, Melting Point meter, water analyzer, etc. We can proceed the general physical & chemical analysis and instrumental analysis. The MS and NMR data are tested by our long-term partners.


Responsibilities of Quality System:


R&D and Custom Process:
Biopurify has its own unique experimental platform---a standard CMC R&D Center. Biopurify has established a close cooperation with CFAD GMP and USFDA cGMP factories. Biopurify can provide you with products and technical support that meet the requirements of new drug research and development at all stages.